Calligraphy was regarded by Confucius as one of the “six arts,” is the skills and techniques ancient gentlemen must possess. As people in ancient times regarded studying, understanding characters and writing as equals, calligraphy was no longer purely a technique but equivalent to scholarly cultivation. As such, Chinese has stressed calligraphy for long, regarding it as a medium of holding the formal doctrine, the outfit for essays and external expression of an individual’s cultivation. Since the introduction of the metropolitan official’s system, calligraphy by the scholars was particularly emphasized. In the Tang dynasty, it was even made public that officials were recruited according to candidates’ “body, speech, calligraphy, and argument.” This culture of recruiting an official by evaluating candidates’ calligraphy reached its prime in the Ming and Qing dynasties when “Guagenti” calligraphy exclusive for use in the Academy appeared.
We always say that learning calligraphy can refine one’s temperament. But which aspect of one’s temperament is refined? Indeed, through copying model calligraphy, we can become a person of strong observance, intricate mind, subtlety, and responsibility.

Master letterer Jon Contino is right when he says “Learning calligraphy will give you a much more intimate sense of each letter and it will help you to learn how to manipulate each one or many together to create a beautiful composition.” It really is the foundation for all typography and I find I have an even better appreciation for letterforms after just a month of practice.
Learning Calligraphy leads to Stress Relief & Creative Fulfilment in the hobby.

Add On like Writing in Calligraphy offers an inexpensive way to create greeting cards & envelopes as well as anything which requires beautiful lettering.
However, the student’s can also take their work a step further by furnishing every creation as a work of art worthy of framing and inspiring at the later stages of their lives.

Moreover, we at JVIL ensures that our student’s perseverance in practicing copying not to be avoided so that copying becomes a daily practice. As we believe that Through perseverance, we not only improve our calligraphic skills, we will also become a serious and responsible person.